Turok 2 absolutely incredible... any chance for Turok 3?

Discussion in 'Turok' started by bumcrust, Jun 12, 2017.

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    I was a fool to doubt Turok 2's gog.com release. I'd tried playing this game on the N64 and even made it quite far, only to give up due to the crappy control scheme. Tried again years later and gave up once more; The controls, frame rate, sparse save points and long save/load times just killed it for me on the N64.

    Playing Nightdive's remaster is a night and day experience not only from the perspective of controls (which are now flawless out of the box for mouse/keyboard & modern controller use) but the frame rate, ability to save and load instantly anywhere, lack of fog, crisp graphics, and inclusion of more modern graphical bells and whistles is something to praise.

    I never knew Turok games were so fun until I filled several dinosaurs with arrows on this release. Please remake Turok 3 and I'm off to purchase Turok 1 on gog.com right now.

    tl;dr- just popped in here to say great job Nightdive, and please make Turok 3

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