Turok 1 & 2 Remastered... Boxed/Retail?

Discussion in 'Turok' started by Prenihility, Jun 4, 2017.

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    Now i have a feeling this may just be dismal and hopeless.. but, it would be amazing.

    I've always loved the Turok games and have fond memories of playing them on the N64, especially Seeds of Evil. I wasn't paying attention to the progress of the Seeds of Evil remaster for some time and just saw that it was released in March! Holy crap!

    Is it possible to have these 2 remastered Turok games released; at least in limited quantities in a boxed/retail form? The original print copies at this point are just sought after as collector's items, and i'd hate to open either of them. Plus, compatibility issues and such. I love having something tangible. For some reason, it's not really appealing to gamers anymore. They just like downloading their game and playing it. Is it possible we could have a physical, boxed release? I think it's phenomenal that the game finally got a re-release AND remaster that it deserved for far too long now. But i just feel like such a fool simply downloading it and adding it to my Steam account. It just feels so incomplete. Especially given that this would be a great opportunity to re-release the games physically.

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