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    For many years, I never realized there was an easter egg hidden in the names of several of the weapons in the original System Shock. On the theory that some others might not have heard this yet, here's the gag.

    The joke is in the "official designation" of some of the weapons. For example, there's the TS-04 Laser Rapier... in which the "TS" stands for Tim Stellmach. And Doug Church got the DC-05 Riot Gun. Some of the other ones:

    • ML-41 Minipistol (Marc LeBlanc)
    • RF-07 Skorpion (Rob Fermier)
    • SB-20 Magpulse Rifle (Sean Barrett)
    • DH-07 Stun Gun (Dorian Hart)
    • RW-45 Ion Pulse Rifle (Robb Waters)

    I'll let you find the rest yourself, including the special name for the most crazily overpowered weapon in the whole game. :p
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