Patch 2.46 Not launching with Linux

Discussion in 'System Shock 2' started by Samus Aran, Jun 10, 2018.

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    Hello, I am a linux user, specifically I use the Debian GNU/Linux 9.3 version. My processor is an Intel Core i5, and I use a GeForce GTX 970/PCle/SSE2 Open GL Renderer, and an HDA NVidia Audio Adapter.

    I have been playing System Shock 2 for a long time before the recent patch made to it. After reading the patch notes from about seven months ago, it said that the patch was only available to Windows and Mac OS at the time and that a Linux version would be added. I was impressed and happy to hear that System Shock 2 would be getting an actual Linux version as before it was having to run from either Wine or through Steam Play.

    However, since the 2.46 patch was released, I have been unable to launch System Shock 2 no matter what I do, including running it externally using Wine. When I hit Play to start it through Steam, it gives the brief message next to the name in the list that it is running before the message quickly disappears and nothing further happens. When observing it launch through the terminal and the task manager, the program seems to suddenly terminate, encountering a critical error that I could not identify.

    I've attempted to trouble shoot the issue many times and from many angles and have still come up empty handed. At first I thought that I was experiencing a problem with the mod I had installed, which is the SCP (Steam Community Patch) mod. So I uninstalled the mod from the game and still it would not launch.

    At this point, I'm feeling that there is something wrong with the game itself since the patch was made because I can find no glaring issues with my own computer or the software I use.

    However, I'm not a good technical expert and my knowledge of computer and software is fairly limited but I have been getting help from a friend who is more knowledgeable about these kinds of things but even he does not know what could be wrong.

    I would greatly appreciate any insight or advice anyone can give me on this issue and thank you for your time.

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