Audio bug in System Shock 2

Discussion in 'System Shock 2' started by Magmarock, Jun 18, 2018.

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    At some point during one of the updates for SS2 a new audio bug as emerged.

    When listing to audio logs from crew members the sound is biased on the left speaker. Likewise when you hear the line "access needed" when you try and open a locked door it's biased to the right speaker.

    The only way I was able to fix this was to install the SCP patch but that changes other things in the game I'd rather be left alone for my second play through.

    I ran a few tests to check possible causes with no affect.

    1. I changed every combination of the sound settings including reversing stereo (still left speaker bias)

    2. I changed the games cam_ext.cfg to try and force stereo sound

    3. I changed the audio settings all throughout windows as well.

    4. I ran it on XP virtual machine. I ran it on two separate Win 10 machines and one Win 7 machine.

    I use a pare of 2.0 stereo speakers myself on both computers I tested this on.
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