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Discussion in 'System Shock' started by escksu, Aug 14, 2018.

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    Hi guys!! I know there has been setback for this game (I just read about it!!).

    I just want to say one thing about this game and other games......How many players do you think have played or heard of system shock?? Not many people own PCs back then, I never heard of system shock and never played it.

    I am sure there are millions of other gamers like me.

    So, yes! What you are doing right now is NOT a remake to us who have never heard of the game. Its entirely NEW! So, please don't think that you are remaking a game and it has to be better than the original or fix certain flaws etc. I bet none of us will go and compare what you have make with the original.

    So, I have no problems waiting more time to play the game. If you need funding, pls setup something as I didn't get to fund the original kickstarter.

    TLDR: If you are having scope creep and want to make many improvements, think about those who never play/heard of it. To you its flaw and remake, to them (and me), its a whole new experience no matter what it is.
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    This is a 100% worthwhile perspective. More!

    I'm one of the old geeks who played System Shock when it was first released. Not only do I hope NightDive recreate that game (only with better graphics and controls) so I can enjoy it again, I want NightDive to stay true to that original game so that today's gamers (such as you, escksu) can understand exactly why we're still calling the original game one of the best computer games ever made. Too many changes, too many updates, and what made the original so great gets lost.

    And yet... of course I want today's gamers to be able to enjoy System Shock! If there are some expectations that today's gamers have, which the original System Shock doesn't seem to satisfy, I absolutely want to know what those are. That's how NightDive can tailor their recreation of this wonderful game into a new version that both original fans and new players can agree is one of the best gaming experiences they've ever had.

    So: keep these insights coming. They're gold.

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