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  1. Quinn Segura
  2. brock cecilia
  3. Dale Lila
    Dale Lila KarleeMeow
  4. orcrist86
    Lurking in a professional and courteous manner
  5. Jonis221
    Playing old games
  6. RDC-018
    What is going on with this forum? :(
  7. Herb Sieg
  8. Andre
    Andre LDClaudius
    I just cleaned out about 20 spam threads
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    2. Krash
      Setting the system to block URLs in initial posts would stop 99% of the spam and make the forum a bit more approachable. An admin should also be able to tweak a few options to automate blocking common spam bots from accessing the forums.
      Aug 28, 2017
  9. LDClaudius
    Spam filter in place?
    1. Shaun Gupta
      Shaun Gupta
      I'm unsure of the status of spam filtering or the forum software in general, but spam is being cleared out a few times a day. Unfortunately, it does accumulate quickly at times.
      Aug 23, 2017
  10. Shaun Gupta
    Shaun Gupta
    Converting Spammers to Hoppers, then melting them gleefully.
  11. Strykai
  12. equalizer
    when the time comes, you'll know what to do...
  13. PvtCb
    Nervously changing my energy setting on my Sparqbeam from low to high
  14. James
    In Deep Space
  15. DarkBlueMonkey
    Exploring the Science Deck...
  16. Jordan Joestar
    Jordan Joestar
    Lieutenant Helmut Lennenkampf, Deputy Wing Commander on Nova Corporation (Federation, Zachary Hudson). Fly safe, commander. o7
  17. Jordan Joestar
    Jordan Joestar
    Nothing of interesting...
  18. Jordan Joestar
    Jordan Joestar
    My resolve will open a path!
  19. TheMistakeOrb
    Dirk bills himself as a "holistic detective" who makes use of "the fundamental interconnectedness of all things" to solve the whole crime.
  20. Ygarian
    Insect with an RF-07